Staff Washington Strong Vintage Tee

This is a private link for Staff of Washington only. 


  • Friday, 7/30: This was the last day to order at the group discount price & to guarantee your order will be delivered to the school by 8/10.
  • Getting Your Order: We will be delivering all shirts to the school. Valerie will let you know when they are available. 
  • Sizing: You can visit The Shoppe for to see sample sizes. Message us at 559-426-5152 for a time if you cannot come during our open hours. You can also reference the Size Guides. There are no refunds / exchanges due to sizing.
  • Availability / Pricing: These will be available all school year, but will go up $5 per item on 7/30. If they are ordered after 7/30, they will not be guaranteed to be delivered to campus before 8/10. 

Contact Valerie MacAdam if you have any questions about what you need to order.

Shirt Style:

    • Unisex Vintage Crew - Grey Frost
      • Starting at $18
      • Sizes AXS - A4X

        Design Style:

        • Matte - Everything will be Matte.

        Contact us at with questions.